Students Share Their Science Research in Serbia

Attend Fifth Annual International Undergraduate Research Symposium at Belgrade University

May 21, 2012

Jessica Veite explains her research to Dr. Leroy Jones II from Chicago State University.

Jessica Veite explains her research to Dr. Leroy Jones II from Chicago State University.

A trio of Wilmington College science students and their professor traveled to the Republic of Serbia earlier this month to participate in the fifth annual International Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Seniors Jamie Evans, Jessica Fraley and Jessica Veite, along with Alfred Conklin, professor of chemistry and agriculture, joined with peers from central Europe and elsewhere in the United States in presenting posters featuring the details of their research.

Belgrade University hosted this year’s event May 7 through 13. Previous symposia were held in Ecuador, the Philippines and twice at Wilmington College.

Conklin, who is one of the symposium’s founders, said the cultural and interpersonal components of the international event further enhance the already valuable experience of conducting research.

“The whole idea is for undergraduates from different parts of the world to come together, exchange their research and share results,” he said. “It’s a very synergistic interaction. Because of the types and quality of research, the students are able to form networks of scientists around the world.

“I expect they will maintain these personal and professional ties.”

In addition to Wilmington College and Belgrade University, other schools attending or represented were Chicago State University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Purdue University, University of Cincinnati, University of Wisconsin, a university from Libya and three other institutes and universities from Serbia.

Evans’ research conducted with Conklin is titled “The Effect of Bisphenol A on Plant Height and Root Weight in the Wheat Plant,” while Fraley’s is titled “Determining the Diffusion Rate of Hydrogels for Topical Drub Application.” She conducted her research with Dori Meinholtz, professor of chemistry.

Veite engaged in research with WC seniors Samantha Burdett and Darlyne Crawford, Michael Goldcamp, associate professor of chemistry, and Michael J. Baldwin of the University of Cincinnati. It is titled “Designing Complexes for Photo-Initiated Iron Release.

Research presented at this year’s symposium concentrated in the areas of agriculture, architecture, biology, chemistry, computer science and geology.

The symposium also includes opportunities for touring and cultural sharing.