'Best and Brightest' Honored at Student Recognition Ceremony

Students Recognized for Academic Excellence and Leadership

April 16, 2012

President Jim Reynolds (left) congratulates Matthew Bates upon receiving the Robert Lucas Award for Leadership at Sunday's Student Recognition Ceremony.

President Jim Reynolds (left) congratulates Matthew Bates upon receiving the Robert Lucas Award for Leadership at Sunday's Student Recognition Ceremony.

Erika Goodwin described the students recognized April 15 for leadership and academic excellence as among Wilmington College’s “best and brightest.”

“They are truly living the core mission of our College,” said Goodwin, interim vice president for academic affairs. “We are so very proud of the accomplishments of our students.”

Faculty members recognized the top students in their respective academic areas while Student Life officials awarded those for outstanding leadership at the 31st annual Student Recognition Ceremony. Many parents and other family members witnessed their son or daughter being lauded by faculty.

“I love hearing the stories on our students’ accomplishments,” President Jim Reynolds said. “This is an excellent forum for witnessing our faculties’ affection and great pride for their students.”

Reynolds presented Matthew J. Bates with the Robert E. Lucas Leadership Award, which recognizes a combination of scholarship, leadership and involvement. He described Bates as the “very model” of student leadership.

Other special leadership awards went to: Rachel Kent, Honors Program Award; David Angevine, Nedra Gordon Scholarship; Emily Ferguson, Excellence in Community Engagement Award and Activities Programming Board Distinguished Service Award; Nick Elwert, Charles J. Ping Award for community service/service learning; and Matthew Bates, Student Government Association Distinguished Service Award.

Named as the top students in their respective academic discipline were: Jessica J. Tickle, management; Gary E. Stover III, marketing; Jeremiah R. McMillan, economics; Adam C. Kerns, accounting; Nicholas V. Huffman, agronomy/horticulture; Caitlyn B. Dever, agri-business; Annie Cekada, animal science.
Holly R. Shaeets, art; Nicholas C. Elwert, biology.

Jessica M. Veite, chemistry; Quatez B. Scott, journalism and public relations; P. Garrett Wilson, media production; Matthew R. Bradshaw, criminal justice; Nicole M. Cain, early childhood education; Lisa K. Bender, middle childhood education; and Toni A. Penwell, multi-age education and English.

Kyle R. Pitzer, history; Jessica S. Lowry, athletic training; Cayleb M. Paulino, health and physical education; Mackenzie J. Wills, sport management and the Dr. Elizabeth S. Kinzig Award for the highest grade point average in the department.

Adam C. Kerns, mathematics; Sylvia A. Ulmer, Martha Haines Scholarship in mathematics; Thomas L. Blackbern, music; Cale M. Gibson, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; Sarah L. Miller, Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

(FROM THE LEFT) Michele Beery, area coordinator for Education, praises Nicole M. Cain, Lisa K. Bender and Toni A. Penwell as the top students in early childhood education, middle childhood education and multi-age education, respectively.

Kelsey L. O’Day, religion & philosophy; Rachel Kent, peace studies and social & political studies; Shane E. Harphant, social work; and Erica A. Sheeley, Spanish.

In addition, all students — freshmen through seniors — were noted as enrolled in the Honors Program.

Recognized as being listed in Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities were: Matthew J. Bates, Kevin L. Beatty, Nicole M. Cain, Kristen N. Carpenter, Malinda J. Carr, Samantha L. Climer, Caitlyn B. Dever, Nicholas C. Elwert, Emily M. Ferguson, Kylie R. Ford, Holly L. Grady, Shane E. Harphant, Nicholas V. Huffman, Rachel A. Kent, Maria E. Larson, Katelyn S. Massie.

Also, Kara M. McBride, Amy M. McClelland, Chelsea P. Morrow, Kelsey L. O’Day, Jennifer M. Oyster, Cayleb M. Paulino, Amy E. petzold, Adam R. Sarver, Megan M. Saunders, Erica A. Sheeley, Morgan L. Tipton, Brianna L. Trubee, Jessica M. Veite, Mackenzie J. Wills and P. Garrett Wilson.

Who’s Who requires a minimum 2.75 grade point average and the demonstration of significant leadership or service to the College and/or community.

Green Key, Wilmington College’s honor society founded in 1951, recognizes juniors and seniors with minimum 3.75 and 3.50 GPAs, respectively.

Current members are: Chanda D. Addington, Matthew Bates, Kevin L. Beatty, Micole M. Cain, Kathryn E. Coy, Nicholas C. Elwert, Emily M. Ferguson, Cale M. Gibson, Shane E. Harphant, Amy E. Johnson, Rachel A. Kent, Alissa N. Lewis, Kara M. McBride, Kelsey L. O’Day, Ryan S. O’Malley, Amy E. Petzold, Holly R. Shetts, Jessica M. Veite and Randall W. Weber.

This year’s inductees include: Wendy L. Adams, Sarah C. Allen, Heather L. Banford, Matthew J. Bates, Britney G. Beck, Elise R. Bernhard, Hannah E. Bernthold, Edmund T. Besong, Daniel L. Brackman, Kristen N. Carpenter, Malinda J. Carr, Patrick R. Carroll, Wanda L. Carter, Thomas E. Cockerill, Julie A. Creech.

Jacob B. Davis, Elizabeth A. Delehanty, Kathryn M. Dooley, Taylor D. Duncan, Kayla M. Falkenbach, Amber J. Fetherolf, Kristin M. Finkbeiner, Sara D. Fisher, Erin E. Foreman, Stephen C. Fout Jr., Jennifer M. Gaskins, Zachary S. Glendening, Holly L. Grady.

Cheryl A. Hamilton, Kyle J. Hamilton, Michelle L. Hatfield, Jake P. Hofer, Nicholas V. Huffman, Audrey A. Ingram, Karolyn R. Kalebaba, Anne M. Keenan, Abigael A. Knapp, Maria E. Larson, Kaitlyn E. Lentz, Tasha N. Liegel, Brandon M. Lowe, Jessica S. Lowry, Chelcey J. Lyons.

LaineyJ. Mallin, Katelyn S. Massie, Amy M. McClelland, Kaitlin A. McMullen, Amanda J. Middleton, Mercedes M. Norris, Jeremy D. Olaker, Erica D. Ousley, Toni A. Penwell, Timothy M. Pfeiffer, Michelle L. Reiber, Adam R. Sarver, Erica A. Sheeley, Gary E. Stover III, Priscilla C. Strayer, Rebecca J. Van Winkle, Rachel L. Weitzel, Rebecca J. Wenninger, Jennifer M. Wood and Sarah M. Young.

New Green Key members from the Blue Ash campus are: Kari A. Heimbrock, Robin A. Maynard, Suzanne D. Mohr, Debra A. Myrick and Cheryl T. Thomas.

Those from the Cincinnati State campus are: Jeffrey T. Cepluch, Nathaniel L. Johnson and Traci R. Roberts.